Termite & General Structural Repairs

We Eliminate Termites AND Make Structural Repairs Because The Termite Guy holds both a B-1 General Construction license and a C-39 license (#771813) we are able to bid and perform all of our own structural repairs.

We provide extermination and reconstructive services for residential homeowners, Realtors and multi-family and commercial property management companies throughout Southern California. Rather than using subcontractors to do our work we save you the hassle of several phone callls and do it all ourselves.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Roof tile repair
  • Damaged wood replacement
  • Landscape cleanup
  • Decks and siding
  • Waterproofing
  • Drywall and fascia boards
  • Door and window replacement
  • Painting and stucco work

You know that termites feed on wood. They have microorganisms in their digestive system that help digest cellulose, and they’ll eat just about anything that contains cellulose. Although termites are soft-bodied insects, their hard jaws bite off fragments of wood. When termites feed on the wood in buildings, they cause serious structural damage. Termites will eat away at a post or joist and travel to any other wood that is nearby.

In a building, the damage termites cause can be quite destructive. Regardless of the level of termite activity, The Termite Guy will check for evidence of a termite infestation, as well as any structural damage caused by termites. If repairs are needed, The Termite Guy will make those too because we are licensed general contractors. Once we’ve discovered termite damage, we first stop the invasion to make sure the colony has been eliminated. There is no sense replacing wood if it is just going to be munched on in a few days or weeks!

Structural wood components can be difficult to repair because other components are often attached to the damaged wood, making it harder to remove and replace. But if no utilities are near the damaged wood, we may not have to remove the termite infested structural members, simply adding a new piece of wood next to the damaged wood. It is an accepted method of repair and the goal is achieved in most instances. Keep in mind that structural lumber supports the structure. The added piece or pieces shoulder the load and the structure is sturdy. And you just saved a bunch of money because you didn’t have to call three companies to do the work that could be done by one company–The Termite Guy.

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