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Ventura County, California, is home to people who love the sunshine, the closeness to the coastline, and the perfect temperatures found in Southern California. The only drawback to living in this idyllic location is that insects and pests like rodents find the area as attractive as the people.

Pest control in Ventura County is necessary for every home and business. Keeping the common pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents away from where we live and work can be a full-time job unless you have The Termite Guy working for you. If you live in Ventura County or the surrounding areas, call The Termite Guy and let us keep insects and pests from ruining your ideal location.

Residential Pest Control In Ventura County

Home in Ventura, CA

Home pest control in Ventura County helps to protect the families that live there from diseases spread by pests and damage caused by pests. It is hard to believe that something as small as an insect can do damage or cause you to get sick.

Effective elimination of infestations and protection from the possible return of pests needs a professional with skill and experience. The Termite Guy has been protecting the residents of this part of California from pests for the last 25 years. We inspect the property to identify the needs, eliminate the problem, then work with the homeowner to create maintenance plans so they never have pests move back into their home.

We take care of rodents and general pests and use Eco and pet-friendly methods. We know how important your home and family are, so the quality of our services is guaranteed.

If you have seen signs of pests, call and allow The Termite Guy to protect your home and family from pest invasions.

Commercial Pest Control In Ventura County

Commercial pest control has to be effective and cause the least possible disruption for the business concerned. Business operations must meet health code regulations and provide their clients with safe areas with no pests. We understand how vital these services are, and we work with you to develop service plans and options that will be effective, affordable, and safe.

Contact The Termite Guy for all of your commercial pest control needs. We take pride in our work and provide individualized service to meet your needs. We want the thoughts of pests to be the farthest thing from your mind.

Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites In Ventura County

There are two main methods of dealing with drywood termite infestations on your Ventura County property; fumigation and local treatments.

Termite fumigation cost is higher than local treatment cost. However, fumigation is 100% effective for the whole structure, whereas local treatments are just that, localized. If you choose this method, The Termite Guy will give you a five-year warranty that your property will remain termite-free.

When you choose a local treatment for drywood termites, you do not have to move out of your house. If you select fumigation services, you must stay out of the house for two nights. This method of getting rid of termites only comes with a one-year warranty, and sometimes it does not prevent the insects from returning.

If you want to be sure that your property is free of termites, schedule an inspection with The Termite Guy. Same and next-day inspections are available. Our technicians have the skill and experience to help you identify the problem, decide on the best course of action, and start getting your home protected.

Fumigation Preparation For Venture Homeowners

Many people resist the idea of fumigation as a means of pest control because they have heard horror stories about the preparation and the clean-up required after the company takes down the house fumigation tent. The Termite Guy wants Ventura County homeowners to know the truth about preparing for this service.

Getting Prepared:

  • Water the soil and plants up to 18" away from the house.

  • Cut back foliage to 18" away from the home to allow for the tarps.

  • If you are leaving vehicles in the garage, roll the windows down.

  • Remove mattresses enveloped in plastic, like baby bed mattresses.

  • Open all drawers, cabinets, and closets.

  • Make arrangements for your family and pets to stay away from home for two nights.

  • Use the bags we provide to you to protect food, medicines, or open items.

  • All foods in plastic containers, bags, or cardboard boxes must be double-bagged.

  • Store corked wine bottles on their sides

  • Empty the refrigerator and remove the shelving. Then, you can store your bagged food inside.

While this sounds like many steps are involved in fumigation preparation, The Termite Guy can walk you through everything you need to do. Fumigation means whole house protection from drywood termites and other pests, so contact us today to schedule an inspection with a skilled technician.

inside of a residential home

What The Termite Guy Customers Are Saying

Young couple and kids smiling

"I use the Termite Guy all of the time for my escrow inspections. As a real estate professional I need a company I can rely on. They do a great job and are extremely reliable and responsive. They're a definite part of my team."

Briant P
Couple smiling

"I had a wonderful experience with the Termite Guy.  They were on time, clean and careful.  Before my fumigation, I had 2 broken tiles and after the fumigation there were only 5 broken, all of which were replaced. They also primed and painted my facia that need repair.  Wonderful terminte company and Trina was so easy and pleasant and accommodating."

Karen G
Young couple carrying toddler daughter in arm all smiling facing the camera

"Termite Guy is an excellent company! From start to finish..they take care of business! From the initial call to inspect, administration, inspectors, workmanship and pricing they get the job done in a timely and efficient manner! Go Termite Guy!!"

Kindy S


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