What To Do If You Think Your Ventura County Home Has Termites


In the U.S., several billion dollars of property damage results from termite activity each year. Often, making matters even worse, most home insurance policies specifically exclude termite-related damage from the scope of coverage. The two species that most often invade homes in this area include subterranean termites and drywood termites. 

How to get rid of termites in Ventura County? The critical first step involves having a property inspection performed by a trained pest control professional like The Termite Guy. A properly licensed Ventura County pest control company employs a team of qualified technicians that understand what to use for termites and the best ways of preventing future intrusions. 

The First Signs Of A Termite Problem

What does termite damage look like around your property? Look for drywood termite droppings known as frass, which often accumulate near small holes that allow entrance to sections of wood. As termites erode the interior areas of wooden structures, often windows and doors become more difficult to open or close.

Wooden floors often become “creaky” when walked on. Wood may sound hollow when tapped or knocked on as termites erode the inner areas. Look for groups of flying termites known as “swarmers” that will congregate early in their mating season. 

Factors That Attract Termites To Your Home

What are some of the common attractants and property conditions that encourage the likelihood of encountering termites on your property in Ventura County? These factors include the following:

  • Avoid attracting termites to the exterior yard areas by removing fallen tree branches and repositioning firewood storage piles away from the structure. 
  • Unlike drywood termites, subterranean termites require moisture; thus, limit water around the base of the structure by filling in ground holes and promptly fixing any plumbing leaks. 
  • Avoid any direct contact between wooden parts of the home and the soil below by creating a barrier composed of inorganic material.
  • Subterranean termites often target wood that has water damage; therefore, promptly remove and replace heavily damaged wooden material and use dehumidifiers when necessary.

While the aforementioned preventative measures against termites in Ventura County are typically helpful, existing termite-related problems are best handled by a licensed pest control professional like The Termite Guy.  

Don't Try To Get Rid Of Termites On Your Own

Can I treat termites myself? Local home improvement stores and online retailers continue promoting a variety of termite control options for do-it-yourselfers. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these products, which include foams and powders, is often limited. Your property is unique; therefore, “one size fits all” solutions will unlikely yield positive outcomes. 

How is a termite inspection done? A professional pest controller will perform a detailed inspection that involves looking within hard-to-reach places where termites might exist. After making assessments, a licensed technician will decide on the best course of action for ousting the termite infestation. 

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites

Are you wondering how to get rid of termites in your house? Seeking help from a local termite control company is the best means of solving these types of problems. The experienced team with The Termite Guy maintains the tools and equipment needed for effectively taking care of termite infestations in the Ventura County region. 

For the treatment of problems involving drywood termites, we often use fumigation methods, which ensure that the exposure includes any hidden termites. The process uses an inorganic gas that is odorless and leaves no residual traces. 

For treating subterranean termite infestations, we might choose a liquid termiticide repellant that forms a virtual barrier of protection in the soil surrounding the home. Another option is also a termiticide in a liquid form that kills termites upon exposure. The formula is undetectable among termites, and one colony member can spread or transmit the agent to others.

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