Is DIY Cockroach Control Worth The Hassle In Orange County?


Cockroaches, the dreaded vectors of diseases known to invade restaurants and homes alike, are some of the more resilient pests. If they’ve made their way onto your property, now is the time to learn about the common cockroaches that can invade Orange County homes. You will know why they are a serious health risk and discover why do-it-yourself cockroach control is a waste of time and money.

If you are struggling with a cockroach infestation, The Termite Guy provides pest control in Orange County to help you eliminate these unhygienic bugs for good.

Species Of Cockroaches That Commonly Invade Orange County Homes

Several types of cockroaches commonly invade Orange County homes, including:

  • The American cockroach: This common cockroach is the largest species in the area.
  • The German cockroach: German cockroaches are most often attracted to the food in your home.
  • The brown-banded cockroach: Just as its name indicates, it has lines across the abdomen and wings that are lighter than the rest of its body.
  • The Oriental cockroach: This cockroach is generally darker than the other species.

If you find any of these species of cockroaches around, it is crucial that you understand why they are considered a health risk.

Why Cockroaches Are Considered Such A Health Risk

Cockroaches are a health risk for a wide variety of reasons. The most significant one is that they can carry many illnesses, some of which are life-threatening. Cockroaches transmit diseases, including salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and even polio. You do not have to touch a cockroach, as they can easily contaminate your food or the air you breathe with their urine, feces, discarded exoskeletons, and more. 

If you have even one cockroach in your home, you could easily be at risk of an infestation that is unlikely to be exterminated with DIY cockroach control.

Why DIY Cockroach Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

DIY cockroach control is a waste of time and money for many reasons:

  • Cockroaches are resilient: Cockroaches are very resilient and have evolved to resist treatments that might have been effective in the past.
  • Sprays don’t address the entire problem: Cockroach sprays might be tempting because they seem easy enough to use, but all they do is take care of the cockroaches you see, not the ones hiding.
  • Treatments can be unsafe if misused: If you are not using the appropriate cockroach pesticides correctly and in the proper dosage, you risk burns, respiratory problems, and more.
  • Cockroaches are good at hiding: It is challenging to treat a cockroach problem when they hide under appliances, in drains, and behind walls.

While these are primary reasons homemade cockroach control is a waste of time and money, our licensed technicians have the expertise to eliminate cockroach infestations effectively.

Contact The Pros For Total Cockroach Eradication

The best way to kill cockroaches is with the help of a pest control professional. The Termite Guy provides cockroach pest control in Orange County using a three-step process, including a thorough home inspection, treatment, and a follow-up visit. Contact us today to find out which strategies, like liquid treatments, baiting, dusting services, and prevention barriers, would be most effective for your unique situation. In a few weeks, you will enjoy a home free of cockroaches again.

Cockroaches can transmit various dangerous diseases that could make you and members of your household very sick. They are especially dangerous to children and the elderly. Please don’t wait for the infestation to grow uncontrollably, and let us show you how to get rid of cockroaches permanently, safely, and effectively.

Contact us today to get started on a plan that works for you. Our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss your pest control needs and provide a free estimate.