Advantages Of Whole-Structure Fumigation Vs. Local Termite Treatments


Fumigation VS Local Treatments

There are generally two treatment options for homes infested with drywood termites: a local treatment or a fumigation. Whole-structure fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride gas fumigant is the only proven solution for 100-percent control of drywood termite infestations throughout an entire structure, including infestations hidden in inaccessible areas.

Local Treatment

Methods that treat only the accessible wood, otherwise known as spot/local treatments, are limited to treating known termite infestations and, by doing so, hidden termite infestations in other areas of a home may be overlooked and continue to damage the structure. Local termite treatments often involve drilling into walls and wood in attempt to reach a drywood termite infestation with chemicals.


Whole-structure fumigation with Vikane, Masterfume or Zythor gas fumigant is a popular treatment choice in Southern California. Fumigation is the only whole-structure method that has been proven 100% effective at eliminating every drywood termite infestation, including the undetectable infestations. Drywood termites can hide in little areas of wood and finding them is like trying to find needles in haystacks. Many people are worried about clean up but fumigations employ the use of inorganic gas. It completely dissipates from a structure following fumigation, leaving no surface residue, odor or film behind. This means you won’t have to wash dishes, clothes or furniture after. They are also completely safe to leave out unprotected during the fumigation.

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