Spring Time Brings More Than Just Flowers

Spring is when the flowers, plants, trees blossom and the weather is warmer. But in the pest control industry, spring marks the beginning of peak pest season. One of the most common springtime pests is termite.

When the inside temperatures are warmer than the outdoors, termites emerge in search of a new structure to invade. Moisture-damaged homes, particularly those that have weathered ice, snow and rain during the winter are prime termite targets.

They send their explorers, also referred to as swarmers, in search of a new place to call home. Swarms (and the shed wings left behind) are often one of the only outwardly visible signs of the existence of termites. Because of this, many people are under the misconception that termites are only a problem in the spring.

Termites remain active (though out of sight) year-round, especially in warmer climates. In these cases, termites can be at work, eating away at wood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It’s important to work with a professional to treat the infestation before serious damage is done.

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