Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy a festive meal.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, residential pest usually centers on the pantry, where certain pests have everything they need to thrive: Warm temperatures, lots of food and a nearby water source.

Here are some steps to avoid an infestation of the pantry pests:

1. Keeping your food sealed helps keep pests out. Seal up all food, even pet food. This will help not allow pests to get into your food for an easy meal.

2. Check the expiration dates of the dry ingredients. Even if the item isn’t expired, but left untouched for months, do a visual inspection to see if there are any sign of pests in the product.

3. At the grocery store, do an inspection of the items before they go into your cart. Sometimes pests get into items from tears or openings in a package.

4. Keeping your home clean helps keep pests away. Having a clean home prevents pests from having a place to hide. Immediately wipe up any spilt food or drinks to aid in keeping pests away.

5. Trimming your shrubs, bushes and trees away from your home helps keep pests away. Having branches near your home gives pests a way to gain easy access.

6. Keeping basements and attics properly vented helps to keep pests away. Moisture attracts pests to your home. Keeping moisture away is good for your home and helps prevent infestations.

These simple steps will help keep your home pest free this holiday season. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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